meets ID Exe for the Milan Design Week

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    UX/UI Design, Front-end Development

ID-exe is a project signed by DOS (design open spaces) hosted during one of the most important design events in the world, the Milan Design Week. On one side, visitors can find the famous Salone del Mobile with its well-known exhibitors, on the other, an incredible variety of spontaneous events promoted by Fuorisalone that bring the whole city to life.

Id-exe gives the consumers a new way of meeting up with brands and designers during the Milan Design week, thanks to augmented reality. The result is a new given opportunity of pushing creative boundaries and connecting across different channels in a more sustainable way.

Zerozeroeffe had the pleasure to work with the DOS collective that got in touch to redesign the Id-exe website experience. They were on the lookout for a stream-lining and simplification of the navigation and the optimisation of the conversions, keeping the given aesthetic of the brand.

User experience & User interface Design

Towards the simplification of the process and the optimisation of the user experience and the booking funnel, we developed a WordPress website whose goal is to facilitate the info search and to lead the user to take part in the project and in the Milan design week.

Starting from the analysis of the different typology of users, we differentiated the navigation of the website for exhibitors, stores/brands and sponsors. With the definition of the personas we’ve been able to sort a proper flow for every need.

Beside the exhibitors list, everyone with its own profile and dedicated portfolio, a user can find the offered locations and all of the partners adherent to the project. Each stakeholder can also find the proper explanation on the participation to the Milan design week via id-exe.

We worked on the information architecture, on the effectiveness of the content and on the positioning of the elements on the page to raise the engagement and conversion rate, ensuring a logical and visual coherence and an effective user experience that avoids any element of distraction that could possibly bring the user away from the booking system and the participation to the Milan Design Week.

The language and the information architecture have been also rationalised to allow the understanding of the whole Id-exe project, giving value to the functionality of every touchpoint and avoiding any frustration of the user by building up a happy path and a satisfying customer journey.

Development & technology

The website for the Id-exe project has been developed using the open source platform WordPress that allowed us to get a great front-end and back-end flexibility and a tailor-made and customisable tool thanks to its endless customisation possibilities for our client.

The result is a responsive, mobile friendly and easy to use website that optimise the conversions and the engagement thanks to the presence of call to actions which help the users with the navigation flow and lead them to the booking funnel dedicated to the Milano design week via id-exe.

Why this blue?

The blue colour we’ve chosen is not like every other blue.

The psychology of the blue colour calls to mind feelings of calmness, serenity and peacefulness.

For us tech head, the HEX code #0000FF represents the Windows “blue screen of death”, the error screen that brings to a system reboot. When everyone sees an arrest, it’s a restart for us.

Our #00F blue becomes, then, a metaphor on how we approach every project with calmness, tranquillity and professionalism, and combine our digital knowledge and experience with our attitude to break the mould to bring change and innovation on every screen.

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