All the consultancy in one single boutique!

  • Client
    Tax Clever S.r.l.
  • Areas
    Branding & Creative direction, UX/UI Design, Front-end & Back-end Development, Interaction Design.

TaxClever is a firm based in Milan that offers to companies, and private citizens, tax, accounting and administrative consultancy across the whole Italian territory. Thanks to a network made of highly knowledgeable professionals, Tax clever can set up a tax optimisation and accounting strategy to help companies manage their business.

Tax Clever reached out to get a new attractive and informative website to reflect the mood of a boutique in Milan, made by approachable and reliable professionals that are oriented to their clients needs. They were also on the look for a way to get in touch with their customers by answering all their questions and informative needs.

Branding & Creative direction

To define the new digital image of our client we based on three key concepts: reliability, integrity and attention to detail. In doing so, we decided to go for a reassuring look & feel expressed by subtle geometrical lines, a bold and strong typography, a muted colour palette and a posed photographic selection to recall the elegance, the precision and the professionalism of the studio.

User experience & User interface Design

The design of the WordPress website took place in different steps that involved the participation of every stakeholder to get till the definition of the navigation.
Starting from the analysis of our clients, we defined the user needs to organise the information architecture and this brought us to the definition of low and hi-fi wireframes that have been progressively refined till the building up of a satisfying user flow.

The look & feel of the project have been conceptualised and realised on the resulting indicator of the emotional journey. We achieved an emotional identification with the user in the need of professionalism, trustability and integrity from this kind of website.

Through the muted colour palette, the bold typography, the handwritten hints (as per the pen underlining) and the subtle ad fluid interactions, the website conveys the same attention to detail, and closure that make of Tax clever an expert boutique in Milan made of approachable professionals always up to satisfy their clients needs.

Growth and development

Thanks to the great flexibility of the open source CMS WordPress, we developed an efficient and customised digital solution based on our client’s needs.
We designed a custom theme that allowed the company to manage each part of the content of the website in complete autonomy through the daily update of news and articles and all of the data entry activity itself.

We’ve also automated the newsletter delivery system through a Mailchimp integration and this allowed the extension and the fidelisation of the users interested in the brand.

Why this blue?

The blue colour we’ve chosen is not like every other blue.

The psychology of the blue colour calls to mind feelings of calmness, serenity and peacefulness.

For us tech head, the HEX code #0000FF represents the Windows “blue screen of death”, the error screen that brings to a system reboot. When everyone sees an arrest, it’s a restart for us.

Our #00F blue becomes, then, a metaphor on how we approach every project with calmness, tranquillity and professionalism, and combine our digital knowledge and experience with our attitude to break the mould to bring change and innovation on every screen.

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