Open day in atelier: fashion show and exhibition

  • Client
    Monterosso La sposa
  • Areas
    Corporate identity, event promotion, event coordination, supplier research, partner research, model casting, set-up, dismantling.
  • Type of event
    Exhibition - B2C
  • Location
    Monterosso la sposa Atelier - 300 mq
  • Numbers
    12 changes of clothes, 8 stands, 100 participants.

Monterosso La sposa founded in 1999 in Catanzaro becoming from the very beginning a leading company in the wedding market thanks to the commitment and strong passion of its owners. Monterosso La sposa is a company that knows how to evolve, making the most of market change, improving day by day, to realise its clients dreams.


They asked Agency to make “My wedding”, an exhibition that offers to the future spouses the possibility of meeting every supplier they need in one single day : photographers,travel agencies, entertainment professionals, hair stylists, make-up artists, and wedding planners, beside an entire selection of wedding dresses.


The event has been conceptualised and realised as an immersive experience where guests could concentrate in one day all the activities that normally require months.
Hosted inside the stunning Monterosso la sposa atelier, the staging was divided in 4 areas: reception, exhibition stand, cocktail area, runway.


The showroom has opened its doors to the future spouses, that have been welcomed with a cocktail and a buffet in a dedicated area. The guests have been escorted to the exhibition stands where they could meet their desired supplier. An amazing fashion took place to show the spouses perfectly fitted dress ready to be selected.

Why this blue?

The blue colour we’ve chosen is not like every other blue.

The psychology of the blue colour calls to mind feelings of calmness, serenity and peacefulness.

For us tech head, the HEX code #0000FF represents the Windows “blue screen of death”, the error screen that brings to a system reboot. When everyone sees an arrest, it’s a restart for us.

Our #00F blue becomes, then, a metaphor on how we approach every project with calmness, tranquillity and professionalism, and combine our digital knowledge and experience with our attitude to break the mould to bring change and innovation on every screen.

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