A design portfolio that needs to be heard

  • Client
    Studio Diego Soprana
  • Areas
    Front-end & Wordpress Development.

Studio Diego Soprana is a website created with and for Diego Soprana, graphic designer and art director, that has been working for several years in the fashion and design industries.

In 2020 we’ve been contacted to develop a flexible website for the management of a portfolio that gathers important brands like CP Company, Missoni, Prada, MSGM, Pitti Fragranze and so on.

We realised a responsive website that plays with a mixture of visual elements and sound effects to fluidly allow the user to take a look through the most important projects realised by the design studio: in every click, the user is surprised by a randomic sound that brings him to find out a new section of the website.

Development & Technology

We took a dive into this world made of sounds and images, with a collaborative design approach, and we developed it choosing an highly flexible open source platform: WordPress. Thanks to the potentiality of this content management system we reached the maximum of the customisation both front and backend, by developing an ad-hoc builder that gave the client the possibility of managing its own projects in an easy and personalised way.

Why this blue?

The blue colour we’ve chosen is not like every other blue.

The psychology of the blue colour calls to mind feelings of calmness, serenity and peacefulness.

For us tech head, the HEX code #0000FF represents the Windows “blue screen of death”, the error screen that brings to a system reboot. When everyone sees an arrest, it’s a restart for us.

Our #00F blue becomes, then, a metaphor on how we approach every project with calmness, tranquillity and professionalism, and combine our digital knowledge and experience with our attitude to break the mould to bring change and innovation on every screen.

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